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Google’s First Feature Drop for 2023 Brings Fall Detection and More to Pixel Devices

Credit: Google

The first Feature Drop of 2023 was just announced by Google, bringing intriguing new capabilities to older Pixel devices, such as fall detection for the Pixel Watch. The Pixel Watch can now detect when its owner has had a significant fall, at which point it may immediately contact emergency services or send a prerecorded message asking for assistance. The wearer will be prompted to check in to make sure everything is okay.

Improved algorithms in the Google Tensor chipset allow for quicker Night Sight to be included in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro flagships, including the fall detection capability. Google Photos’ Magic Eraser can now be used to remove unwanted things from the background on all Pixel devices, however it is only available to Google One members at this time.

Customers in the United States who have a Pixel 4a or later model phone will also have the option to bypass automated menus while using services like online banking.
At a Glance is a new feature that lets people who have several Google devices at home to set a timer on one device and then see the progress on their Pixel. Moreover, it notifies the user’s mobile device so that they may turn off the ringer or add an extra minute with the press of a button.

Health Connect is yet another fascinating new feature; it serves as the central repository for data relating to physical activity and sports that is gathered by suitable applications and devices. Consumers will have greater control over the data collection and storage practices of their connected devices.

Furthermore, Google has stated that the Pixel will support ultra-wideband (UWB) digital auto keys, thereby replacing your car’s traditional key fob. The vehicle locks or unlocks as the user approaches it, and the engine may be started using the handheld device rather than the docked one. In the upcoming weeks, this function will become available.

Finally, the Emoji Kitchen in Gboard has been expanded to accommodate additional emoji, and Dual SIM Dual Standby is coming to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro on select devices.
The new features and enhancements included in this Feature Drop make it a significant update for Pixel smartphones. Google keeps pouring resources into its ecosystem to improve the quality and utility of its offerings.