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Gotham Knights: Behold the Official Gameplay Demo

Credit: Pixabay.com

Gotham Knights is the upcoming game set to release in October that will prove something that seemed impossible a while ago: that you can make a Batman game without Batman.

Jokes aside, for now! Gotham Knights really is a game about Batman where you don’t get to control the Dark Knight. Instead, you’ll have to rely on his trusted allies to save the day this time from powerful and influential villains.

Drive Nightwing and Red Hood to victory!

After a long wait, DC and Warner Bros. Games finally revealed the official gameplay demo for Gotham Knights. You can see it below, but remember not to try anything at home!

The description goes as follows:

The streets of Gotham are under new protection.
In this first reveal of Nightwing and Red Hood’s official gameplay, get a closer look as these Knights seek to uncover the mysteries around the elusive Court of Owls while putting a stop to the various factions attempting to exert their own control over Gotham City.

The video showcases some cute fighting, and we must say right from the start that it feels at least as good as the one from the Batman Arkham series. But we all know very well that the first impression can be deceiving, so only time will tell for sure!

Batman will be nowhere to be found in Gotham Knights as a playable character as far as we know. However, we can surely expect for the legendary character to appear in flashbacks. We also anticipate that the story of the game will be somehow linked to his existence. What’s for sure is that Nightwing and Red Hood will have all the interest to prove that they can fight just as well as the Dark Knight and handle the situation without him.

Gotham Knights will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/Series S, and Windows PC.