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GTA San Andreas: Check Out a Radio Stations Tier List

Credit: Unsplash.com

Despite its venerable age of 18 years since its release, GTA San Andreas remains one of the best games ever made. It’s enough to focus on the gameplay of the title to get convinced for yourself.

GTA San Andreas was also a great game for its list of radio stations. Just like any other game of the legendary GTA series, you can activate a radio station once you hop into a car.

Radio X, Radio Santos, and DST are the best

TierMaker.com has made a tier list of the radio stations present in GTA San Andreas using community voting. We must say that we are already becoming nostalgic about the legendary game!


  • RadioX
  • Radio Los Santos
  • DST





  • Bounce FM
  • K-Rose
  • Play Back
  • Master Sounds


  • KJAH Radio West
  • CSR 103:9
  • Talk Radio WCTR
  • Track Player – Digital Audio

It’s surprising to see the Track Player available in the last tier, considering that it offers the most freedom to the players. Once you activate it, you can play your own music while you’re driving your car in GTA SA. It doesn’t matter which genre or artist you prefer – you can play whatever music you like as long as you place your desired songs in the right folder of your PC.

Feel free to tell us what you think about the tier list, and bring us one of your own if you have any! GTA San Andreas still deserves a lot of attention even in 2022!

Although we must admit that GTA San Andreas is far obsolete when it comes to the standards in gaming nowadays, the 2004 game remains memorable for its killer gameplay. It’s simply hard to find a game nowadays that has superior gameplay to GTA SA, the game that will remain forever in the hearts of Grand Theft Auto fans!