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Health Tips for Hardcore Video Gamers


Video games are all fun, putting into consideration all the positive things they bring to a gamer. Games have the power to cheer up a bad day, bring people together, and make life interesting. Unfortunately, these are the same activities which lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Hardcore gamers spend a lot of their time on screens and may not spend time taking care of their health. Some people assume that as long as they have the most comfortable recliner or invest in a premium mattress to offset the lack of sleep, their health is sorted. Though every gamer is different, there are several healthy tips they ought to follow for them to have a better life.

Eat healthy

Obesity is one of the leading issues in the United States. A lot of people live sedentary lives leading to bad eating habits. You do not have to look big to show that you are overweight, because even thin people degrade inside. The situation is worse when people play video games as a group since they may not find a convenient time to prepare healthy snacks. Gamers end up munching frozen foods, sodas, and chips.

Nevertheless, you need to change this habit by learning how to make healthier snacks. If you lack the time to be in your kitchen, purchase fruits, vegetables and nuts in plenty. They could act as a supplement to your fast foods. Remember that you still need the energy to play the game, which will not be enough from processed foods. If you have to drink something, replace your sodas with fruit juices or flavoured water. In the end, you will not only protect yourself from food-related problems but also gained the energy to play the game for a longer period.

Find a favourite physical exercise

Eating healthy is recommended for everyone. However, you have to compliment it with some physical activities as they help maintain the proper functioning of the body organs. Most of these video games involve sitting in one spot for many hours. Medical research has already concluded that leading a sedentary life kills people young as they die from health issues such as heart attack or even high blood pressure.

All the same, you don’t have to be a gym rat, spending your gaming hours there. For those who hate the gym exercises, you could take an easy exercise such as walking on the streets for some time. The most fundamental thing to do is to keep moving, as long as your body is in motion. Nevertheless, find something you love doing. Doing something for fun is way better than doing it only because you have to.

Use a timer

Despite the discipline you have, you will always find an excuse to extend the gaming hours by extra time. This is due to the addiction that comes with the game; trying hard to overcome a particular challenge before taking a break. The only way to solve this is by using a stopwatch to set your gaming session. In one session, never exceed 60 minutes!

If your mental happiness comes after 4 hours of gaming, always take a 2-minute break before commencing on the next session. During that time, you can take a bite or merely breathe some air outside. It would be better to take a five-minute break as you might nurse the areas likely to get harmed by videos such as your fingers, the neck, back, and the wrists. In that period, have some jumping jacks to relive the pressure in these places. Don’t get chained by your game; your health comes first.

Eye strain

Eye-strain is a health problem overlooked by most people. Most of us forget that staring at the screen for many hours every day could lead to eye damage. What would you do without your eyes? You would never be in a position to play the game in your life once you destroy them.

For this reason, you need to start your daily care routine. You could opt for gaming glasses or an eye lubricant prescribed by a doctor. The lubricant helps in lowering the number of blinks as we concentrate on the screens. Excess blinking could dry the eye moisture leading to straining. To protect the eyes further, ensure that you use antiglare screen or anti-reflective screens.


All the above tips are easy to implement. It is amazing how small adjustments could give you a better lifestyle without extra efforts. If you don’t take care of your body now, you may be causing irreversible damage to your life. Just try!