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Instagram (160990) Beta Update Gets Released Today


Things have not been looking that great for Facebook during this past couple of years. News has broken that the social media platform doesn’t handle the private information of its users with much care and this is why lots of people have shut down their Facebook accounts. Not just that, but people don’t feel safe on Facebook anymore when it comes to sharing private information. This is why hundreds of millions of Facebook users have decided to switch over to Instagram.

Even though Instagram is also owned by Facebook, this is a photo sharing app where the emphasis is not placed on gathering information about users and selling it to advertisers. To make things even better, Instagram puts lots of unique tools at people’s disposal such as the ability to create a private account where the users pick and choose who gets to see their photos.

Instagram (160990) Beta Update

Since so many people have left behind their Facebook accounts and switched over to Instagram, the developers who are in charge of Instagram know that there isn’t any room for errors. They want to make sure that the software stability and security of Instagram is always at peak-performance levels and they are doing this by constantly pushing out a stream of updates.

The reason why Instagram is in our sights today is because the photo sharing app has just received a new update. The update changes Instagram’s build number to (160990) and it is available in the form of beta. What this means is that the only way to access the new update for Instagram is to create a beta account.

Software Stability

The new update for Instagram might not come with any new features but it makes up for that by introducing bug fixes and tweaks that enhance the overall software stability of the photo sharing app.