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Instagram (144940) Beta APK – Check Out the New Software Improvements


As Facebook’s user base is slowly but surely going down, everyone is moving to Instagram. Facebook’s decision to acquire Instagram was one of the best ones it ever made because Instagram is the only other social media platform that actually poses a threat to Facebook.

Nonetheless, the reason why so many people are switching to Instagram is because this photo-sharing focused app is getting better every week. The developers of the app are always releasing new updates and in fact, a brand-new one has arrived today.

Instagram (144940) Beta APK

Instagram fans who are enrolled in the app’s beta program should be happy to know that a new update has been made available for download today. For those who aren’t enrolled in the beta program, they should know that becoming a beta tester doesn’t require anything else than a functional Android smartphone and to set up an account.

On the downside of things, beta updates can sometimes introduce glitchy features. Although, this rarely happens because as previously mentioned, the developers of the app are always looking for new ways to enhance Instagram’s overall stability and performances.

What’s New?

The question that all Instagram fans must be asking themselves right now is what’s new? The new update doesn’t introduce any new features or graphic changes to the UI. However, this doesn’t mean that the latest update for Instagram is not an important one.

Instead of focusing on new features or graphical changes, the new update introduces a handful of software tweaks that improve the app’s overall stability. Therefore, the chance for Instagram to randomly crash or glitch is much lower after installing the new update.

We should note that Instagram users who don’t like the idea of having to manually download PAK updates or to enroll in the beta program will also receive the update in the upcoming weeks when it is going to roll out OTA (over the air).