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iOS 12 Bug Causes People to Get Locked Out of Their Apple IDs


One of the main reasons why tech fans are choosing to buy an expensive iPhone even though Apple is being accused of overpricing its products is because of the premium user experience that iOS offers. Apple puts all its focus on enhancing iOS with features, software fix and bug fixes so that iPhones can offer a user experience that is unparalleled.

Unfortunately, the Cupertino based tech giant still makes mistakes which cause iOS to go haywire. This is exactly what’s happening right now because Apple’s support forum is filled with complaints from iPhone owners who are saying that Apple is randomly locking them out of their Apple accounts.

iPhone Owners Can’t Access Their Apple ID

For some unknown reason, iPhones have started locking people’s Apple ID accounts. This is a serious issue that Apple needs to fix because people who can’t access their Apple ID accounts are not allowed to access services such as Apple Music, iMessage and iCloud.

The iPhone will prompt an error text which lets the user know that their Apple ID has been locked and usually, the only thing that the user needs to do is to tap on the “Update Apple ID Settings” option and re-enter their ID and passwords. However, this is not working.

Apple Has Yet to Respond

To make things even more annoying for iPhone owners, Apple has yet to respond to this issue or to release an OTA (over the air) bug fix that takes care of the problem. Let’s hope that Apple moves fast and patches this software issue because being restricted from accessing essential features such as iMessage and iCloud can cause problems.

Social Media Complaints

Apple is surely aware of this issue because its support forum is filled with complaints, but not just that, people are also tweeting at Apple’s official page. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that Apple’s developers are working on a fix right now.