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IOTransfer 3 Is The Ultimate Apple Device Manager For Backing Up Data, Managing Photos, Music And More


IOTransfer Studio released IOTransfer 3 iPhone manager which allows users to shift their files from various devices in order to keep everything available whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or PC.

IOTransfer 3 is the ideal management tool for Apple enthusiasts

IOTransfer 3 represents a really useful package in terms of utilities & tools software. The software has been created for users who have lots of files and documents on their iPad/iPhone which they’d like to back up or access from their PC.

It’s not a secret anymore that Apple devices have not been the most user-friendly when they’re plugged into something else besides other Apple hardware. This software is useful mainly because it makes shifting files from one device to another as straightforward as possible.

IOTransfer 3 is the ideal management tool to access your files from an Apple device from your PC. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can access everything that you might need, and this is possible even if you have lots of iPads connected to your PC.

Besides allowing easy transfer, there’s a key function of the program that allows you to maintain your Apple device’s memory free. You must have experienced an OS that’s taking too much memory space and you were not able to take a photo or record a video because of this. With this handy package, you will be able to organize your files in such a way in which you will always have room for something new to store on your device.

More useful IOTransfer 3 features

The software is not limited only to moving files and documents from one device to another. It also provides an online video downloader. Here’s what you can do with it: you have the ability to grab any YouTube video that you might want to see later and transfer it from the downloading device to view it later, whenever you choose to.

More than that, the package comes with clean up functions as well. For instance, if you have too much old data bits that are hanging around your iPad/iPhone from apps that you might have downloaded in the past and then removed, you can finally clear the remnants from the apps from the device’s memory. There’s also a bulk-transfer feature for music files included and the creators of IOTransfer Studio claim that this is a much faster way to transfer iPhone music than any available methods at the moment.

The package also includes a free online GIF maker and more useful features such as backing up your iPhone contacts from your iOS device to your PC.

Backing up your data from your Apple device by transferring it to your PC will prevent data loss due to various causes and will keep you safe. Find out more about IOTransfer 3 by heading over to the official website here.