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It’s Official: Sony’s DualSense Is The Best Controller Of All Times

Credit: Sony

BAFTA Games has announced that Sony’s DualSense controller for the PS5 has been voted the finest video game controller in history by the community.

The PS5’s pad beat over the likes of the Nintendo Wiimote, SNES controller, and even accessories like the Guitar Hero III guitar before of the highly expected BAFTA Game Awards.

In the final round of public voting, the DualSense controller from the PlayStation 2 system beat the DualShock controller from 1998. Recency bias aside, the DualSense won with 72.6% of the vote, while DualShock came in second with 24.7%.
The BAFTA Games Twitter announced the win, and that with our help, they have crowned the DualSense as the champion of the BEST CONTROLLER EVER TOURNAMENT.

How is DualSense different from other controllers?

Switch JoyCon, Dreamcast, NES, Mega Drive, GameCube Kinect, Nintendo 64, as well as GameCube controllers have succumbed to Nintendo’s pads throughout the years.
Compared to the Xbox Series X pad, and this was a more incremental upgrade, the DualSense is a strong selling feature for the PS5.

DualSense was awarded a reviewer’s praise because it’s uncommon that the controller is the most exciting feature of a new system, but that’s precisely the case with PS5 and DualSense. It’s a magnificent peripheral with features we haven’t seen before, and it does it in an innovative manner.

Indeed, the DualSense was voted the best controller in the history of gaming by the general population. As a result, we believe the pad is well-deservedly the winner of this year’s award. With haptic feedback and adaptable triggers, DualSense goes above and beyond most other controllers. The physical design, on the other hand, is an advance in almost every regard.

You may catch the BAFTA Games Awards on social media and other channels on April 7th, 2022.