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God of War: Ragnarök 2022 Release Date Confirmed

Credit: Sony

Sony has confirmed that God of War: Ragnarök will be published sometime in 2022.

Since its intended 2021 release date was moved back at one of PlayStation’s Showcase events last year, the game has become one of the most awaited 2022 releases.

However, Sony’s social manager has now announced on Twitter that Ragnarök will be published this year, and although no exact date has been specified beyond that, this is still encouraging news for God of War enthusiasts.

Confirmation of the release date of 30 September 2022 has fueled conjecture that the PlayStation database leak that indicated this date was true.

Even if this date is really a placeholder, it provides us a solid sense of when Sony is aiming to release the game.

PlayStation 5 Spartacus premium service is expected to be announced by Sony in the next few days, and we may learn further about God of War: Ragnarök at that time.

Additionally, the publisher has said that it is working with Amazon to develop a God of War TV series featuring Kratos, which is great news for God of War fans everywhere.

There is always the possibility of a delay, but there has been a flurry of stories and leaks indicating that the action-adventure will be released on schedule in 2022. For example, Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier recently said that the God of War: Ragnarök is still on schedule and will be released in 2022

Also, a PlayStation leak from back in January pointed to a September 30th release date for the game. We don’t know for sure if this is merely a placeholder, but it might offer us an indication of when Sony Santa Monica plans to release the game. More information about God of War might emerge from Sony’s rumored PS5 subscription service announcement later this week.