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Jio Phone Guide – Here’s How to Transfer Files Faster (Xender APK)


Jio Phone devices are renowned throughout the world for offering reliable hardware performances and a smooth user experience for a really cheap price. However, the downside to using a Jio Phone device is the fact that you have to deal with lots of operating system limitations. Jio Phone users don’t get to access all the premium Android apps and games that can be found on the Google Play Store.

On the bright side of things, more and more premium apps are opening their doors for Jio Phone and one of them is Xender. For those who are unfamiliar with Xender, this is an app that excels at transferring all types of data. Xender has been developed for the sole purpose of making it easier and faster for users to transfer data and it has now arrived to Jio Phone.

Xender 4.0.0633 APK

The latest APK update for Xender sports the 4.0.0633 build number and it introduces a handful of important software tweaks. Even though the APK might not ship with any new features, it does add support for Jio Phone. Yes, you read that right! Jio Phone users can now access all the features that Xender has to offer. With that being said, let’s go over some of Xender’s most powerful features.

Powerful Xender Features

The first thing that we need to mention about Xender is the fact that it can share files at speeds that reach up to 200 MB/s. This is super fast and it’s 200 times faster than the speed at which Bluetooth transfers files. Moreover, Xender supports all types of formats.

This means that Jio Phone users can send everything they want from now on starting with standard pictures, videos and ending with fully installed apps. Nonetheless, Xender is a great app that is going to take the Jio Phone experience to the next level.