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Mario Kart Tour is Pre-Releasing On September 25


Nintendo has released many awesome games over the years and lots of them are known as “iconic titles” that all gamers should play at least once. Out of all the games that Nintendo has released, the most popular one has to be Mario Kart. People love to play Mario Kart because it allows them to compete against their friends in an action-packed race where the most skilled player gets to shine.

The tech giant is aware that Mario Kart is a beloved game and it wants to make sure that all its fans can access it, even those who might not own a Nintendo console and this is why Nintendo has announced that a mobile version of Mario Kart is scheduled to launch soon.

Mario Kart Tour – Launch Date

Even though Nintendo confirmed that a mobile game called Mario Kart Tour is going to launch soon, the tech giant didn’t want to reveal what is the official launch date. Well, it looks like Nintendo has had a sudden change of mind because it has announced that Mario Kart Tour is going to pre-release on September 25th. This is sooner than expected!

Free to Play Game

The highly anticipated Mario Kart Tour is a free to play mobile game, just like Dr. Mario World and Super Mario Run, but on the downside of things, it will feature microtransactions. Free to play mobile games with in-game microtransactions have been proven to be more profitable than premium mobile games that have a starting price and from the looks of it, Nintendo is aware of that.

The Beta is Live

We also want to note that the beta for Mario Kart Tour is live and hundreds of Nintendo fans have already been invited. According to the beta feedback, the mobile game is super-fun to play and the only annoying things about it are the microtransactions.