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Microsoft is Giving Up On Cortana


Everyone who uses a PC or laptop that is powered by Windows 10 will tell you that Microsoft is doing its best to market Cortana. Microsoft wants its own AI-powered assistant to be at the same level as Amazon’s Alexa, but this just isn’t possible and it looks like Microsoft has acknowledged that. The reason we are saying this is because instead of pushing Cortana to everyone, Microsoft has started encouraging people to purchase Echo Dot devices that are powered by Alexa.

Is Microsoft Giving Up On Cortana?

The fact that Microsoft is advertising Amazon’s AI assistant instead of its own leads us to believe that Microsoft might be giving up on Cortana. Not just that, but recent reports have shown that Microsoft has moved Cortana from its AI + Research department over to the Experiences & Devices Team where Amazon can access it. Therefore, Microsoft’s plan for Cortana seems to be to make it pair with Alexa and stop being a standalone service.

Alexa is Taking Over

We think it’s safe to say that no one is shocked to find out that Microsoft decided to team up with Amazon instead of competing against it. Alexa is the superior AI assistant and there’s no doubt about that. In addition, no one is really using Cortana on their PC/laptop or even Xbox One console.

Cortana is Out of the Game

Now that Microsoft has given up on selling Cortana as a standalone product, this leaves Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that the three AI assistants are going to be successful. Despite being the best AI assistant available right now, no one is using Alexa to purchase Amazon products which is what the AI assistant should do.