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Microsoft Releases Improved Version of Windows 10 October 2018


Getting a new update from Microsoft is usually good news, right? Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with the latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update. The new Windows 10 update contained a software bug that automatically deleted personal user data. As you probably tell, people lost important files such as work documents and this caused an outrage in the Windows 10 community.

On the bright side of things, Microsoft didn’t shy away from acknowledging that a bug somehow slipped by in its latest operating system update and it already came up with a fix for it. Not just that, but Microsoft started rolling out the new version of Windows 10 October 2018 Update to people who are enrolled in the Insiders program.

Improved Version of Windows 10 October 2018

Windows 10 fans should be happy to know that Microsoft is going to release the improved update during the upcoming days and that it will not delete their data. We should also mention that Microsoft is advising everyone who lost important data while installing the previous version of the update to contact support.

Microsoft Offers Free Support

Microsoft wants to make sure that Windows 10 users receive top-notch service and its offering free support to anyone who lost any important data. The only way to manually restore deleted files is to perform a backup. However, not everyone has their Windows 10 files backed up and this is proving to be problematic.

Luckily, data recovery software which specializes in retrieving deleted files still work and Microsoft call support is going to help Windows 10 users get their files back free of charge.

Problematic Updates

Even though no one likes to receive problematic operating system updates, we have to admit that Microsoft moved rather fast and came up with a solution that fixes the bug which caused people’s files to randomly disappear.