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Microsoft Teams Up With Volkswagen to Make Augmented Reality Available for Cars

Credit: Pixabay.com

Augmented reality slowly becomes part of our lives. We don’t see it only in video games anymore. While this aspect frightens many people, others believe that it’s a very natural and logical way that technology evolves.

But yet, we have a question: is augmented reality necessary for cars? Would it be safer to drive a car while seeing a holographic representation of traffic signs? Microsoft seems to have thought about these aspects as well, as it’s now determined to get implicated at a serious level.

Microsoft and Volkswagen prepare to grant augmented reality to cars via HoloLens 2

According to Microsoft itself, the Redmond-based tech behemoth is collaborating with the famous German motor vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen to make augmented reality available for cars.

Volkswagen researchers even believe that augmented reality would help by showing holographic information about the traffic, the atmospheric conditions, and more along the road. Last but not least, holographic controls appearing at the user’s disposal is another feasible idea.

Dr. Andro Kleen, who’s head of the data science team from Volkswagen Group Innovation, explained as Microsoft quotes:

We think mixed reality information is the most intuitive information we could provide to enhance our customers’ user experience,

Because what you see there, and what you need to process, is very close to what humans normally see and process. It’s not so abstract.

It’s nice to find out that HoloLens 2 will also enhance the pedestrian warning phase by showcasing a holographic representation of pedestrians that could prepare to crosswalk. In this way, the chances for a pedestrian to get hit by a car will be significantly reduced.

The future of cars indeed sounds great, as we all have to admit, whether we’re fans of augmented reality or not!