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Netflix Is Considering A New Live Streaming Function

Credit: Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Netflix, one of the world’s most popular video-streaming services, is intending to add live feeds to its offerings. Subscribers across the globe will be able to watch live events, such as the Netflix Is A Joke festival, when the function is released. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming Netflix feature.

It seems Netflix is experimenting with live streaming.

Netflix is experimenting with live streaming according to a recent article. A capability that has been under development for a long time is expected to be made available on the platform soon. Live streaming might be used to broadcast unscripted programs and stand-up specials if and when Netflix adds it to its service. Netflix may utilize the tool for live votes for competitive series and talent contests.

Numerous live streaming components, such as reruns of famous TV episodes, unscripted programs as well as social experiments are included in the article. In addition, Netflix, like Disney+ Hotstar, might offer live sporting events through its app if it plans to live stream content. The function is now in the early stages of development, according to the article.

Other new features

A new double-thumbs-up rating system was just introduced by Netflix. A new double-thumbs-up option has been added to the Netflix rating system. Users may now give a show a thumbs-up, down, or no rating at all. This is the first time Netflix has featured a thumbs up or down button. Content may be thumbed up by users.

If users don’t fancy the storyline or characters, they may give it a thumbs down. Netflix’s new double thumbs-up rating could improve the user experience.

For those who watch TV on Netflix, a new category hub has been made available. Both adult and kid Netflix accounts include a Category Hub on the left side of the screen. The new Category Hub highlights the three most popular categories depending on user choices. – Collections for occasions like Women’s Day and Earth Day are also included in the new hub’s offerings.