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New iPhone XI Leak- Triple Camera Setup, Faster Wi-Fi Speeds and Improved Face ID


Apple raised the stakes back in 2017 when it released iPhone X with an innovative looking top-notch design. Apple decided to continue this trend in 2018 with iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Unfortunately for Apple, fans were not that happy to see that the new “next-gen” iPhones looks just like the one from the previous year. Therefore, no one should be surprised that the latest iPhone XI leak is showing that Apple is willing to take a risk and implement some major changes to the design of iPhone 2019.

Triple Camera Setup

The biggest design and hardware change that Apple fans are going to see implemented on iPhone XI is that this will be Apple’s first ever iPhone to feature a triple camera setup. The setup is going to be mounted on the back, as shown in the featured picture, and it will be equipped with a 3D sensor that is going to improve the AR abilities of iPhone XI.

Improved Wi-Fi Antenna

Another interesting feature that Apple is going to introduce this year will be the all-new Wi-Fi 6 antenna. This is the latest generation of Wi-Fi antennas and it will help iPhone XI deliver faster connection speeds. On the downside of things, Apple is not going to equip iPhone XI with 5G technology.

Improved Face ID

The last thing that we want to mention about iPhone XI is the fact that it will feature an enhanced version of Face ID. The new Face ID will feature a much better flood illuminator that will project 30,000 invisible IR dots at the user’s face so that it can map out his or her characteristics and create a 3D version of the face which will unlock iPhone XI. This is a big improvement to Face ID that also enhances the security of iPhone XI.