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New PlayStation 4 Message Hack is Bricking Consoles


Hackers always manage to find ways to crash people’s smartphones. A great example of this is the WhatsApp messages that brick people’s smartphones after they make the mistake of opening them. Unfortunately, hackers have now moved on from smartphones and they are targeting Sony’s PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Message Hack

Recent reports are showing that there is a new hack that can brick people’s PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 owners are saying that they received a random message and once they opened it, their console shuts down and there’s no way to start it properly again.

To make things even worse, there is no other way to fix this issue other than by manually rebuilding the entire database while in Safe Mode or via a full factory reset to the PlayStation 4. Some PlayStation 4 owners have tried deleting the message that bricked their console through the mobile PS Messages app, but this didn’t do the trick.

How to Avoid the Hack

The only option that PlayStation 4 owners have when it comes to avoiding this malicious messages hack is to limit their account privacy so that their friends are the only ones who can send them messages. This can be done by accessing the account management panel.

Sony Has Yet to Respond

As you would expect, the PlayStation 4 community asked Sony for a response regarding this important issue but the tech giant has yet to respond. We believe that Sony is currently investigating this issue and it will release an official statement once it figures out what’s causing it.

We should also note that Sony is expected to fix the message hack security flaw through an upcoming software update. On the downside of things, we don’t know when Sony is planning to release the update.