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Get the Latest VidMate 3.5407 Update – Enhanced Performances and User Experience


Some might say that the best thing about VidMate is the fact that you can download all the online videos you like while you are at home so that you want so you can watch them later on your smartphone without having to connect the device to the internet. However, we beg to differ since the best thing about VidMate is the constant stream of updates that this app receives.

Constant Stream of Updates

It seems like the developers who are in charge of VidMate never go on holiday breaks because new APK updates are released every week. These updates introduce bug fixes, software tweaks and performance enhancements that improve the speed at which VidMate can download online videos. In fact, a brand-new APK has just arrived.

New 3.5407 APK Update

The latest update for VidMate has been released two days ago and it features the “3.5407” version number. The update measures in at 7.93MB and it’s considered to be a “maintenance update”. Therefore, VidMate will not get any new features with this APK update, but the app’s overall performance and user experience will be improved.

Bug Fixes

As we previously mentioned, the new “3.5407” APK update for VidMate takes care of maintenance issues and this means that it comes with a slew of new bug fixes. With that said, VidMate fans who want to make sure that the app never crashes in the middle of a download process should make sure to get their hands on the new APK as soon as possible.

Android Package Kit

Since VidMate is not available to download directly from the Google Play Store, the developers need to release the updates in form of APK which stands for Android Package Kit. Therefore, VidMate fans who wish to download the new update need to do it manually and get it from VidMate’s own website.