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New WhatsApp Business Account Feature Could Soon Let Users Pay To Use Some Features

Credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is experimenting towards a subscription-based approach for its instant communication service. WhatsApp’s updates monitor noticed it a few days ago. When the latest model is released, customers may be asked to pay a price in order to continue enjoying some of the additional features. If you’d like to learn further about WhatsApp Premium, continue reading this article.

A fresh revelation from WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is focusing on a premium service strategy for subscribers of the Business account. WhatsApp Premium is the name given to this feature-rich version of the app. The capability is being tested by developers across all of WhatsApp’s platforms, notably Android, iOS, as well as the desktop. According to a report, WhatsApp Premium will be an option for business customers, even if the details of the plan are unknown at this time.

There may also be an option for users to join up to 10 different accounts to a single mobile phone number in WhatsApp Premium. There is the possibility of creating a unique connection for each company. In addition to this, there is no more information available regarding the WhatsApp Premium model. When WABetaInfo spots a feature, it’s usually published within days, so the feature might be here soon.

Chat Filters for Business Accounts are also being developed by WhatsApp. Allows users of WhatsApp Business profiles to effectively manage their interactions with many groups of people. Chat Filters should be available across all WhatsApp platforms, including Android, iOS, as well as desktop.

In addition, the company is focusing on a new functionality dubbed Companion mode, which will allow users to use the app on several devices at once. Users will be able to utilize WhatsApp Companion Mode to connect their main device, i.e., their phone, to a WhatsApp profile on a secondary mobile phone. Customers will be signed out of their main WhatsApp profile when they are using WhatsApp on a backup device. Using WhatsApp on a secondary smartphone erases all information on the first device.