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Overwatch 2 Event Reveals Next Steps For The Hero Shooter


For the first time, PC players were able to engage as new Damage character Sojourn, check out the newest Push gaming experience, and get their hands on a variety of hero revamps that will be released in Overwatch 2’s upcoming sequel. When it comes to Overwatch 2, Blizzard has announced a special celebration that will actually occur next month to provide fans with more details about the hero-ambitions shooter’s for the upcoming months and years.

On the 16th of June, Blizzard will host another major Overwatch 2 event. It’s unclear when the event will begin, but Blizzard has stated that it will make an announcement on Overwatch 2’s future during it. Although some may anticipate an Overwatch 2 official release announcement, they may also want to maintain their expectations realistic.

As far as Overwatch 2 June events go, Blizzard has announced that this one will focus on the game’s future “for months to come,” but little more is known about it beyond that. So although it’s conceivable that Blizzard may unveil the game’s release date during this Overwatch 2 event, supporters should only hope to hear much more about the upcoming PvP beta.

So, what would Blizzard show us about the upcoming PvP beta, we wonder. Overwatch 2’s next PvP beta test might be an open one rather than a private one, and it could be available on additional systems. It’s probable that many console Overwatch players, who missed out on the limited beta, would leap at the chance to try out Overwatch 2 firsthand.

Overwatch 2 console betas will be hosted by Blizzard in the future, but the question is when. Console access to the forthcoming beta may be premature, but only time will tell. When the Overwatch 2 event takes place on June 16, we’ll learn more about the upcoming PvP beta.