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Nintendo eShop February Update Introduces 34 New Games


We reported earlier today that Reggie Fils-Aime retired as Nintendo’s head of operation in America and that he was replaced by Doug Bowser. Obviously, the internet is filled with jokes about how Bowser has finally managed to get a hold of Nintendo. Nonetheless, the reason why we are reporting on Nintendo again is because the eShop has received a major update that comes with a bunch of awesome games. With that said, let’s check out all the new games that the Nintendo eShop has received in this latest update.

New eShop Games

  • Alchemic Dungeons DX;
  • Almost There: The Platformer;
  • Aragami: Shadow Edition;
  • Awesome Pea (demo version);
  • Car Mechanic Simulator;
  • Caterpillar Royale;
  • Daggerhood (comes out today);
  • Devil Engine;
  • Dungeon Stars;
  • Hell Warders;
  • I wanna fly;
  • Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn (demo version);
  • Mindball Play;
  • My Arctic Farm 2018;
  • Pizza Parking;
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (demo version);
  • U.B.E. 2;
  • Quest for the Golden Duck (comes out today);
  • Rad Rodgers Radical Edition (comes out on February 26th);
  • Raining Coins;
  • RemiLore (comes out on February 26th);
  • Rotating Brave;
  • SKYHILLD (comes out on February 26th);
  • Surfingers;
  • The Golf;
  • The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame (comes out on February 26th);
  • The Journey Down Trilogy;
  • The Lost Light of Sisu (comes out on February 27th);
  • Trials Rising Standard Edition (comes out on February 26th);
  • Tyr: Chains of Valhalla (comes out today);
  • Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight;
  • X-Morph: Defense;

Final Words

As we can clearly see, Nintendo Switch fans are in for lots of fun during the upcoming months. These games are all amazing and the one that stands out the most is The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame. What’s great is that the Nintendo eShop is expanding every month and this means that Nintendo Switch fans are never going to get bored.