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Nintendo is Offering Free Repairs for Defective Joy-Cons


There is a large number of Nintendo Switch users who have been complaining about the fact that the Joy-Con starts drifting away after being used for a couple of weeks. As everyone can clearly imagine, this can be quite annoying, especially since it’s a hardware quality problem. Fortunately, it looks like Nintendo is going to take responsibility and it will provide free repairs to all Joy-Cons that have “drift” issues”. Nintendo Switch Free Repairs The folks at Vice have managed to get their hands on an internal memo at Nintendo’s Headquarters which reveals that the executives have told support representatives to not charge any money for Joy-Con repairs if they are affected by the infamous drifting behavior which makes them move things on the screen. To make things even better, the internal memo revealed by Vice shows that the support representatives have been told not to ask for any proof of purchase. This means that Nintendo is going to take Nintendo Switch fans at their word and not ask them for any additional papers that sometimes can be lost. The Leaked Memo “Customers will no longer be requested to provide proof of purchase for Joy-Con repairs. Additionally, it is not necessary to confirm warranty status. If a customer requests a refund for a previously paid Joy-Con repair […] confirm the prior repair and then issue a refund.” Final Words Before we sign off, we want to mention that Nintendo has yet to either confirm or deny the leaked memo. However, the folks at Vice managed to get some confirmation regarding the free Joy-Con repairs by calling Nintendo support and the support representative asked the caller to send the defective Joy-Con for repair without mentioning any additional costs. Therefore, the leaked memo seems to be real.