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OnePlus and Qualcomm are Encouraging Developers to Create 5G Apps


5G technology is the next step towards improving smartphones and everyone is talking about it. Samsung and Xiaomi took the Mobile World Congress event by storm when they revealed their 5G smartphones and now, OnePlus has announced the “5G Apps of Tomorrow” program.

The upcoming OnePlus 7 flagship smartphone will support 5G networks and the Chinese smartphone maker has partnered with Qualcomm in order to encourage developers to create 5G apps.

OnePlus is Encouraging Developers

Even though OnePlus 7 has yet to be revealed, we already know that the smartphone will support 5G technology. This information was confirmed by Pete Lau himself who is the CEO of OnePlus. Nonetheless, the new program started by OnePlus and Qualcomm is encouraging developers to focus on creating “apps of the future” that use 5G technology.

Contest Prizes

OnePlus and Qualcomm are also offering a number of prizes to developers who create the best 5G apps. Here are the prizes that developers can win:

  • A paid-for-trip to OnePlus’s headquarters in Shenzhen to discuss their idea with Pete Lau;
  • A free OnePlus 5G smartphone;
  • Access to 5G experts on the OnePlus forums;
  • Access to EE’s test environment;
  • Financial support for one year.

OnePlus 7 Will Not Support Wireless Charging

On the downside of things, the OnePlus CEO also announced some bad news today. The CEO confirmed that OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging. This comes as a shock since OnePlus 7 is dubbed as the smartphone of the future, especially since it will use 5G technology.

Pete Lau said that the reason why OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging is because the smartphone charges way faster through cable charging. While this might be true, it doesn’t really make sense. Let’s hope that the premium OnePlus 7T version of the smartphone will ship with wireless charging support.