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Oppo Joins the Foldable Smartphone “Race”


A race started in the smartphone industry to see which tech company can come up with the best foldable smartphone. Samsung leaded the way with Galaxy F which was revealed last week and now, Oppo is coming up in second place. Even though Oppo has yet to make any official statements about its foldable smartphone, the device has been leaked today and we can see it in its full glory. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about Oppo’s foldable smartphone.

Oppo Foldable Smartphone

The first thing that we want to note about the foldable smartphone is that the pictures you are seeing have been posted on the web by Oppo’s own Vice President Brian Shen. This leads us to believe that Oppo felt like Samsung’s Galaxy F was getting all the attention and Oppo wanted some of it.

The Oppo Vice President didn’t want to reveal too much information about the foldable smartphone and all that he said is that the smartphone we are seeing in these pictures is a prototype. This means that the foldable smartphone is not going to see a global launch too soon.

Inspired by Huawei

Samsung and Huawei have already officially revealed their foldable smartphones and from the looks of it, Oppo has decided to get inspired by Huawei. The new foldable smartphone from Oppo looks fairly similar to Huawei, but this was to be expected since both companies are based in China and they probably “share notes”.

Large OLED Panel

The cool thing about Oppo’s new smartphone is that instead of featuring multiple panels, the smartphone only features a large OLED panel. The panel can be folded around both sides in order to make it smaller and the selfie + primary cameras are hidden inside a thick bar.