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PlayStation Classic is Now Available for $60 (Great Deal)


The entire world was excited to find out that Sony wants to release PlayStation Classic once again. This is the console on which gamers who are adults today have fallen in love with video games and therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the hype was big for PlayStation Classic.

Unfortunately, the launch of PlayStation Classic was underwhelming and everyone who bought the console was disappointed in the games that it offered. Luckily, it seems like Sony knows this too well since it has announced that PlayStation Classic will be available for a price of $60 starting today which is $39 cheaper than at launch.

PlayStation Classic $60 Deal

The console was priced at $99 when it launched a couple of months ago, but due to the lack of interested from buyers, Sony is feeling forced to cut down on the price. PlayStation Classic is now available for $60 and it can be found on all major online retailers websites such as Amazon, Walmart and BestBuy.

On the downside of things, we don’t know if this deal is permanent or only for a limited time. Sony didn’t want to release a statement regarding this and we believe that the $60 offer might be permanent since Sony is probably just looking to get rid of all the thousands of units that it manufactured.

PlayStation Nostalgia

From the looks of it, Sony tried to make some money off people’s nostalgia. Sony’s idea sounded great at first since PlayStation Classic is one of the most memorable consoles to ever launch, but Sony failed when it equipped the console with only a handful of games. While this might not be such a big problem, the PlayStation Classic and the handful of games that it shipped with were not worth $99.