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Shopify – Your Ecommerce Store 9.76.0 APK Brings Improvements

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Shopify, the platform where millions of virtual stores were built, is once again going through some interesting changes. Who said that building and maintaining an online store has to necessarily imply carrying your laptop around and learning a lot of annoying coding?

Using the Shopify app directly from your phone can be all that you need for managing, building, and keeping your business alive. Another strong argument to consider using Shopify in this way is that the 9.76.0 update is now up for grabs via APKMirror, the website that’s teeming with APKs added every day!

What’s new

Shopify – Your Ecommerce Store 9.76.0 APK comes along with performance improvements and fixes for those nasty bugs!

There’s a single download version available, and it comes in the form of a simple APK file. Although some would have wanted some bundles to be available as well, there’s no trace of them. The download option that’s up for grabs was also built on a universal architecture.

You must also keep in mind that your phone needs to be running on at least Android 8 in order to be compatible with the new Shopify – Your Ecommerce Store 9.76.0 APK.

A review from eCommerce News HQ regarding Shopify says the following:

“Taking the top eCommerce platform and translating it into a mobile experience can be challenging, but it seems as if Shopify has nailed this attempt. The dynamic between the “normal” web-based version of Shopify, and the mobile app, is amazing, with little to no changes (Except the size being scaled down of course.)“

If you have any trouble with the Shopify app, you are free to reach customer support, as it’s available 24/7.

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