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Snap Releases Portable Flying Camera

Credit: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Snap has released a new product called Snapchat Pixy. Portable flying drones with a camera attached are known as ‘drones’. Because it is intended to rest on the user’s palm, the gadget is very compact. The ability to record photographs and movies while floating in midair might be a huge asset to the platform’s founders. Learn more about the Pixy flying camera by reading on.

Meet Pixy. Your friendly flying camera. Pixy brings magic to every moment, all you have to do is let it fly! #FlyWithMe” reads the announcement.

A flying camera, Snap Pixy allows users to take photos from a fresh angle. Pixy, a flying camera that flies close to the user, allows users to take innovative third-person photos and video graphs. Without a controller or extra equipment, Snap’s Pixy can hover, orbit, and accompany the user. Pixy rests in the arm of the user after they’ve finished making memories.

Pixy films are wirelessly downloaded and kept in Snapchat Memories according to the official statement from Snap. From there, one may choose a video and alter it using Snapchat’s Lenses and Sounds. If you want to publish your video on Snapchat, Instagram, or any other network, you may crop the movie into portrait mode and add a variety of effects to it. In India, Snap is failed to release the Pixy flying camera, which might be due to the country’s drone restrictions. The camera should also allow you to better edit your footage as Snapchat offers Supercut Editing built for Pixy.

Pixy will be available for $299.99 in the United States and France while supplies last. However, the flying camera is offered at $229.99 on the web page for purchasing the item. In addition, the Pixy Flight Pack, marketed at $249.99, includes a twin battery charger as well as an extra set of batteries.