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SnapTube – Installation Guide for Android Devices


SnapTube is a great app to have and there’s no doubt about that. What this app does is simple, it downloads online videos from all websites and apps. Therefore, SnapTube provides users with an alternative way of watching their favorite videos without having to connect their smartphones to the internet.

On the other hand, the fact that SnapTube can download online videos means that the app goes against Google’s ToS (terms of service). With that said, no one should be surprised to find out that SnapTube is not available on the official Google Play Store and people who want to give SnapTube a try need to manually download and install the APK (Android Package Kit) version of the app.

How to Install SnapTube

Even though having to manually install an app can be annoying, SnapTube is worth the trouble. This app provides all users with an endless source of video entertainment and this makes it priceless. Nonetheless, today we are going to present a step by step guide on how to install SnapTube on an Android Smartphone.

  • Access the Settings panel and tap on “Security”;
  • Now enable the “Unknown Sources” option;
  • Head over to SnapTube’s official website and tap on the Download option;
  • Drag down the notification bar and tap on the recently downloaded APK file;
  • All that is left now is to wait for SnapTube to finish the installation process.

Tips and Tricks

Since we are talking about SnapTube, let’s go over some tips and tricks that new users might want to learn. The first and most important tip that we have for new SnapTube users is that the app can download all types of media and not just videos. Therefore, clever SnapTube users can fill up their music library without having to pay a single dime. Click here for more SnapTube tips and tricks.