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SnapTube – Top Ten Websites to Download Online Videos From


It’s rare to see people watching cable TV in their free time nowadays because the internet has changed everything, including the entertainment industry. No one needs to sit in front of their TV and watch countless commercials before getting to their favorite content now that apps such as Netflix and HBO Go are around. To make things even better, there are thousands of websites where people can stream online videos from and the cool thing about these websites is that they feature all types of content.

How to Download Online Videos

The only downside to watching online videos instead of cable TV is the fact that people will need to keep their smartphones connected to the internet. As we all know, free Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to find and mobile data is really expensive.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid this issue. We are talking about downloading online videos and even though this might sound like a complicated task, we assure you that this is not the case.

Downloading online videos is super simple and everyone can do it with the help of SnapTube. This app is a powerful video downloader and what makes it stand out from similar apps is the fact that it ships with a friendly user interface which makes it possible for everyone to download online videos. Nonetheless, let’s see which are the top ten websites from where SnapTube can download online videos.

Top Ten Supported Websites

  1. YouTube;
  2. Metacafe;
  3. Vimeo;
  4. Instagram;
  5. Facebook;
  6. WhatsApp Daily;
  7. Twiiter;
  8. Funny or Die;
  9. Dailymotion;
  10. Vine.

As we can clearly see, SnapTube can download online videos from some of the world’s most popular websites. However, we do need to mention that SnapTube can download online videos from a multitude of websites and some of them you can find here.