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Sony Has Sold 91 Million PS4 Units and 876 Million PS4 Games in 2018


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are the three companies that are ruling the gaming market and there is no doubt about this. However, the question that everyone has in their minds is which one of these three companies is selling the most units?

Well, form the looks of it, Sony might be the one to come out on top. The reason why we are saying this is because Sony revealed in a recent press release that it managed to sell more than 91 million PlayStation 4 systems in 2018.

Sony Sold 91 Million PlayStation 4 Units in 2018

Sony announced during its latest press release that 2018 has been a great year for the gaming department. The company sold more than 91 million PlayStation 4 units in 2018 and it’s all thanks to exclusive titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War which won the GOTY (Game of the Year) award.

To make things even better, Sony said that it sold more than 5.6 million units globally only during the 2018 holiday season. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that many people found PlayStation 4 wrapped beneath the Christmas tree.

Sony Sold 876 Million PlayStation 4 Games in 2018

“More than 50.7 million PlayStation 4 games were sold through globally during the 2018 holiday season, which sums up to 876 million PlayStation 4 games cumulatively sold through worldwide,” said Sony’s CEO.

“We are also happy to announce that the monthly active users of PlayStation Network continues to show strong growth, and has surpassed 90 million as of the end of November 2018. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our passionate community around the glove, and our partners, for helping us achieve these milestones,” added John Kodera who is the president and CEO of Sony.