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Spotify is Now Available in India with Cheap $1.67 Monthly Fee for Premium


It’s been one year since Spotify announced that it wants to launch the music streaming app in India and it happened today. With that said, Indian residents are now able to download Spotify on their smartphones and listen to the songs that they love the most. The reason why Spotify wanted to launch the app in India for so long is that it is looking to grow its user base in order to compete against Apple Music and India has one of the world’s fastest growing music markets.

Spotify is Now Available in India

Since Spotify is now launching for the first time in India, the folks who are in charge of the app wanted to sweeten the deal and they are offering a special Spotify Free package to India. This is the free tier of the app and it normally gives users access to a limited number of set playlists.

However, Indian residents are getting much more than that. Spotify Free lets users who live in India play whatever song they want without any restrictions.

Special Prices

Spotify for India is not just getting a special Free package, but the app is also offering special prices. The monthly premium tier is priced at RS 119 ($1.67). This is super cheap, especially when compared to the prices that Spotify charges in the US ($11.30), the UK ($13.5) and France ($13.25).

In addition, Spotify has announced that Indian residents will be able to access a special subscriber package called “pay-as-you-go” which makes it possible for Spotify Premium users to pay Rs 13 (18 cents) per day or Rs 39 (55 cents) per week.

“As Spotify grows, our goal is to bring million of artists and billions of fans together from every country and background. India has an incredibly rich music culture and to best serve this market, we’re launching a custom-built experience,” said Daniel Ek who is the founder and CEO of Spotify.