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The Zenly App Releases Its Own Maps

Credit: Unsplash.com

The chances are great that you’ve already heard about Zenly, which is another app that aims to bring people together. You can use it for various purposes, and one of them is to see your friend’s location.

Just in case you needed even more stalking material for 2022, it’s good to know that Zenly began to roll out its own maps and engine. This is not surprising, considering that the app’s design was improved just about a month ago. techcrunch.com brings the news about the latest changes in the social app.

Will Google Maps and Waze have a tough competitor?

With the new rollout, it’s hard to tell if Zenly’s maps will be as good and efficient as those of Google’s two famous navigation apps, Google Maps and Waze. But it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on how the public will react to Zenly’s new stuff. At first glance, we must say that the maps of Zenly look pretty interesting and interactive.

Charly Delaroche, who’s a software engineering manager and who had an important role in the mapping implementations at Zenly, explained as techcrunch.com quotes:

“When I started at Zenly we were working with MapKit and Google Maps SDK. We were frustrated about not being able to express the ideas that we had,”

“Knowing that the core of Zenly is a map, it was really frustrating — not being able to control it.”

The app seems to be working well until now; here’s how the Google Play page describes Zenly:

delete your map app and search for people, places, and addresses on zenly instead. find out if your friend has been to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, if it’s a local fav, and if it’s suitable for big groups. no more anonymous reviews, just helpful info that can only be found on zenly :)”

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