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Top Missions Tier List for the ‘Hitman World of Assassination’ Trilogy

Credit: thesportsrush.com

Hitman is one of the most exciting game series ever made. Being in charge of Agent 47, your job will be to find the best ways of making him silently take down his opponents.

There are eight main Hitman games in total, which means a lot of opportunities for that little misanthrope in you to find out new and sneaky ways of eliminating your foes in the game. The series has brought a lot of memorable missions, and now we’re glad to present you with a top tier list of the trilogy that was made by a Reddit user:

Hitman World Of Assassination Trilogy Missions Tier List
byu/NormHtler inHiTMAN


  • Dubai
  • Colorado
  • Hokkaido
  • Sapienza
  • Whittleton Creek
  • Mumbai
  • Santa Fortuna


  • Berlin
  • Chongquing
  • Dartmoor
  • Marrakesh
  • Mendoza
  • Isle of Sgail
  • Hokkaido (Patient Zero)
  • Miami
  • Sapienza (Landslide)


  • Bangkok
  • Colorado (The Vector)
  • Haven Island
  • Hawke’s Bay
  • New York
  • Sapienza (The Author)
  • Siberia (SA)
  • Sapienza (The Icon)
  • Paris
  • Santa Fortuna (Embrace of the Serpent)


  • Bangkok (The Source)
  • Hantu Port (SA)
  • ICA Training Facility
  • Miami (A Silver Tongue)
  • Hokkaido (Hokkaido Snow Festival)
  • Paris (Holiday Hoarders)
  • Marrakesh (A House Built on Sand)
  • Whittleton Creek (A Bitter Pill)


  • Carpathian Mountains
  • Himmelstein (SA)
  • ICA Training Yacht
  • Mumbai (Illusions of Grandeur)
  • Hawke’s Bay (The Mills Reverie)

The last Hitman game was the one released in 2021 – also known as Hitman 3; it was released for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Stadia, as well as for Nintendo Switch.

There’s no wonder why Hitman 3 is considered one of the best stealth games of all time. Gamers were fascinated by its atmosphere, level design, as well as Agent 47’s capabilities. The game won a few awards, and one of them was the “PC Game of the Year” during the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards.

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