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Top Reasons to Try Xender for Android and iOS


If you are looking for an app that can help you transfer important files between smartphones, then you arrived at the right place! Today we are going to introduce Xender to everyone and present the top reasons why all Android and iOS fans should consider giving Xender a try. Before we get into it, we need to mention that despite offering a premium user experience and a plethora of features, Xender is a free app and giving it a try won’t cost Android and iOS fans anything.

Android and iOS Support

One of the best things about Xender is the fact that this app can run on both Android and iOS powered devices. While this might not seem like such a groundbreaking feature at first, it actually makes it possible for Xender to provide users with services that they won’t find on any other file sharing apps.

Since Xender is a cross platform app, then this means that Xender makes it possible for Android fans to share files with their friends, work colleagues or family members who might own an iPhone. As we all know, neither Google nor Apple allows their operating systems to interact with each other, but Xender’s cross platform support remove that restriction.

Guaranteed Security

The developers who are in charge of Xender know that even though most people use the app to share funny pictures, videos and GIFS, there are also a bunch of other people who use Xender in order to transfer important files like such as work documents and Excel spreadsheets for example.

Therefore, Xender’s software has been enhanced with a high-level of security so that no third-party entity can access the files that are being shared with the app. Xender guarantees a top-notch security and this is what makes the app so popular.