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Twitter Reveals New iOS-Exclusive Features (Follow Specific Topics)


Twitter is one of the world’s biggest apps and it’s used by everyone you know, including the US President! One of the reasons why Twitter got so big is because the social media platform is making it possible for users to share their opinions and thoughts with everyone by simply tweeting out whatever they want, whenever they want.

However, this is not the secret behind Twitter’s success. The real reason why Twitter has been so successful is because the app’s performances are being improved through a constant stream of updates.

Twitter is updated on a regular basis with new features and the developers who are in charge of the social media platform have recently hosted a press conference where they announced a bundle of features that the iOS version of Twitter is scheduled to receive.

New iOS Features

A high number of the features that Twitter revealed during its press conference were already leaked and spotted by researchers such as Jane Manchung Wong. However, it’s great to finally have some confirmation and an official roadman of the upcoming software changes.

The most important feature that Twitter revealed is the ability to follow certain topics. According to Twitter’s developers, users will be able to follow specific topics that interest them such as celebrities, movies, sports and much more.

Creating Sperate Lists

Another great thing that Twitter is doing is that it’s testing out a way for users to create their special lists that are filled with things that they find interesting. This is great because it’s going to make the newsfeed personalized and more interesting for every user.

 “We think that altogether this will make Twitter a more powerful interest platform,” said Wally Gurzynski, a product manager at the company.