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Urlebird: What is It and How Safe is It

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There’s no secret that a lot of people use TikTok nowadays. The app has 1.38 billion users, and about 1 billion of them are active every month. In other words, it’s hard to find someone who’s not using the platform.

There are also people who don’t like that their relatives or spouses are using TikTok. As a result, those users want to keep scrolling in the app without others finding out. It’s those people’s right to privacy we’re talking about. That’s where Urlebird might come in handy.

What is Urlebird

Urlebird is simply a platform that you can use for watching or downloading TikTok videos without others knowing. It’s accessible at urlebird.com.

But you must also know that many TikTok users are mad at Urlebird for using their videos without permission. Even videos that had been taken down from TikTok are still found on Urlebird, which obviously infuriates a lot of people.

Some want Urlebird taken down from the web; a petition was initiated. Others claim that their privacy is being ruined.

Surely you’re now wondering if using Urlebird is legal. It’s hard to provide a sure answer to that question unless you’re a lawyer.

Here’s what you can find in the About Us section of Urlebird:

“It should be noted that we do not host videos, thumbs of videos, photos on our servers. All videos hosted only on tiktok servers since it owns the copyright for these videos. At the moment tiktok allows you to post video on third-party sites thanks to which our service exists.”

The same page offers a “contact us” page, where you can send them an email and also gain access to a link where they believe there is justification for their work.