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WhatsApp Enhances User Security Even More With Three New Features

Credit: HeikoAL from Pixabay

WhatsApp is willing once again to get its act together and enhance user security even more. Such an initiative is indeed a good idea, considering that cyber attackers constantly find new ways to attack and that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be used in malicious ways sometimes.

Those using WhatsApp on either Android devices or iPhones and iOS gadgets will soon get to enjoy new security enhancements from the app. Thanks to WhatsApp’s official blog, we can learn about those new additions.

The new enhancements should arrive in a few months to everybody, and here they are:

Account Protect

Switching from one device to another and keeping your WhatsApp account at the same time has been a little pain for many users over time. But not anymore, as once the system double-checks if it’s really you, the migration will be possible faster than ever thanks to the new Account Protect feature.

Device Verification

Whether we like it or not, malware attacks could take over our smartphones and use the WhatsApp app without our permission. But thanks to the upcoming Device Verification tool, there are new checks to help authenticate your account. This will better protect the user if the device has been compromised. You’ll even get to use WhatsApp uninterrupted.

Automatic Security Codes

The security code verification feature has been around for quite some time, and you can use it if you want an extra layer of security for your account. But the process will become easier thanks to a new process known as Key Transparency that allows the user to automatically see if he has a secure connection or not. The user will have the chance to verify instantly if his personal conversations are secured.

WhatsApp’s popularity and usefulness cannot be denied by anybody. Let’s face it, apart from the extremely useful features of the instant-messaging app, you just need to use it if all of your co-workers, friends, and family members use it as well. Otherwise, you cannot communicate with them.