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Windows 11 May Introduce AI-Powered Background Effects


Enthusiasts of Windows 11 have been digging through the most recent preview release, and it appears that they have unearthed some potential upcoming personalization capabilities that are powered by AI. Windows 11 build 25309 has code lines that provide a clue to AI-powered effects for the desktop background. These effects are referred to as “Depth effects,” “Parallax Background,” and “WallpaperMotion,” respectively. Although users currently are unable to activate these features, it is likely that they will be made available in subsequent releases.

It is not clear whether the AI-powered effects will require dedicated neural processing units, but the sentence “use AI when available” hints that standard x86 processors may not be compatible with the AI-powered effects. However, Microsoft has already enabled a parallax effect for the wallpaper that is displayed on the lock screen, which only requires a basic accelerometer to function. It is feasible that the firm will discover a technique to make the desktop background more dynamic without requiring users to upgrade their hardware in order to take use of the feature.

This discovery is just the latest illustration of how Microsoft is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into Windows in order to provide users with more intelligent experiences. The company has already implemented AI into the taskbar and is currently researching additional applications for machine learning, such as intelligent window snapping and studio effects for video conversations.

It is interesting to note that a new leak gives the impression that Intel is already aware of the forthcoming Windows 12 and that the operating system might be ready for its presentation to the general public by the end of 2024. This suggests that Microsoft will continue to invest in its operating system, and it’s possible that the company has even more substantial changes in store for the future.

Concerning Windows 11, customers will have to wait and see what artificial intelligence-driven features the subsequent versions bring before making any decisions. It is quite evident that Microsoft is committed to make its operating system more intelligent, and users can anticipate seeing an increased number of features that are powered by AI in the not too distant future.