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World of Ether to Offer $250,000 Monster Mainnet Bounty?


World of Ether appeared back on our radar at the beginning of September when they proclaimed they had “big news.” They proceeded to launch a beta, and with that beta, a $10,000 reward pool for players “discovering” Etherian monsters in their beta trial.

Now word on the street (as in an anonymous source met at an anonymous Kensington blockchain dinner) is they’re doing a new bounty for $250,000 come Mainnet time.

The first bounty

The first bounty was for $10,000. They had $5,000 on the legendary Etherian monster- the one that is hardest to get. Several hundred dollars were placed on each rare, and ~$100 placed on uncommons, and $20 placed on commons.

In order to get the prize, a player had to be the first to hatch from an egg that species of Etherian. On day 3 of the bounty, one of their players nabbed the legendary and was rewarded $5,000 in ETH.

The Ethereum Mainnet bounty

What was heard was that there’s a 250,000 USD total reward pool of discovery bounties placed on monsters for the Mainnet release. $100,000 will be placed on the hardest to get monster, $25,000 on the 4 other legendaries, and the remaining $50,000 split up over the remaining 196 monsters.

This is unconfirmed, but if true, could be a boon for the game and the cryptogaming atmosphere as a whole.

About World of Ether

In World of Ether, players battle, breed, and sire monsters on the Ethereum blockchain. Monsters can be sold and sired for ETH and battled to increase player levels, which gives the ability to breed more powerful and rare monsters. The game released its presale in January 2018 and sold half a million dollars worth of assets in 2 days. They officially had started development in December 2017.