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Xender for Android and iOS: Top Five File-Sharing Features


There are lots of great file sharing apps but all of them pale when compared to Xender. This is a powerful app that excels at transferring large files between multiple smartphones but what makes it stand out is the fact that it features the ability to bridge the gap between Android and iOS. As we all know, Google and Apple have placed restrictions that make it impossible for their operating systems to interact with each other in actions such as sharing files for example. Fortunately, here is where Xender comes in and saves the day.

With that that said, today we are going to take a closer look at the top five features that Xender brings to Android and iOS users. Not just that, but we are also going to present the latest APK update for Xender and a short guide on how to install it in the last paragraph. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Top Five Features for Android and iOS

#1 Xender Supports Multiple Operating Systems

We are going to kick things off with one of the most important features that Xender brings to the table, the app’s cross-platform support. Even though it might not seem like such an important feature to be able to install the app on both Android and iOS powered devices, this is actually really useful.

The fact that Xender can be installed on multiple operating systems means that the app gives its users the ability to share files with their friends or family members who might own a different smartphone than theirs. Therefore, Xender bridges the gap between Android and iOS powered smartphones. This is the full list of supported operating systems: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows PC, and Mac.

#2 Guaranteed Security

Taking into consideration the fact that Xender is used by people in order to transfer important files such as family pictures, videos and work documents among others, no one should be surprised to find out that the developers of the app put a high price on the security that Xender offers.

The developers have equipped Xender with the most reliable security firewall that there which makes it impossible for third-party entities or “bad actors” to interfere with the files that are being shared through the app.

#3 It’s All About Speed

Even though Xender offers a plethora of features, the app excels the most when it comes to sharing speed. The software of Xender has been optimized to the point that Xender can share files at 20 MB/s. This is faster than most high-speed internet connections and to make it even impressive, 20 MB/s is 200 times faster than the speed that Bluetooth offers.

#4 No More Cables

The first thing that both Android and iOS fans can do after they install Xender on their smartphones is to say goodbye to cables. Xender doesn’t require a direct USB or Lighting cable connection in order to share files and it does it all through the “air”.

#5 No Limits On File Sizes

Another important feature that Xender offers is the fact that it doesn’t impose any limitations when it comes to file sizes. The app can share all types of files including fully installed apps and to make things even better, Xender does it really fast.

Xender 4.4.2 Prime APK Update

As we mentioned in the beginning, we want to let all Xender fans know that the app has recently received a new APK update. The update sports the 4.4.2 version number and everyone can find all the details about it by clicking on this link.


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