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YouTube is Changing the Copyright Infringement System


Even though YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform and it’s filled with interesting content that you can watch whenever you want, this doesn’t mean that everything is going good for YouTube. In fact, the video streaming app is dealing with hundreds of issues at any given moment and most of them are related to the badly optimized copyright infringement system. Everyone is complaining about this system and it looks like YouTube is finally ready to make some major changes.

YouTube is Changing the Copyright Infringement System

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced earlier this year that she has big plans for the video streaming app in 2019. In a blog post, she revealed that changing the copyright infringement system is one of her biggest priorities. Well, it looks like the CEO has kept true to her word because a new update has introduced a handful of changes to the system that will lower the chances to file false copyright claims.

Copyright Claims

“Just as you would if you receive an automatic claim from our Content ID matching system, you’ll now see timestamps in Creator Studio when you get a manual claim. Check out the Video Copyright Info page in YouTube Studio that offers a visualization of where the manually-claimed content appears in your video, and also, it provides more info about the content being claimed. We’ll be evaluating the accuracy of these timestamps,” said YouTube in the patch notes for the new update.

Final Words

While the new update for the copyright infringement system might not take care of all of YouTube’s problems, it’s a step in the right direction. The best thing about these changes is that content creators are no longer going to be left in the dark when it comes to what exact part of their content is “infringing” someone else’s content.