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YouTube TV Launches Multiview Feature Ahead of March Madness

Photo by Javier Miranda on Unsplash

The monthly membership rate for YouTube TV went raised only lately, and the company shared the news with its users, who were not happy with the rise. Yet, the firm has now introduced a brand new function that could be enough to appease their annoyance at the situation. The much-anticipated multiview function, which was before only accessible to a restricted number of users, is currently in the process of being made available to all YouTube TV members.

This feature is especially enticing at a time when people in the United States are getting ready to start the annual March Madness competition. Because it enables users to watch many live streams at the same time, the multiview function is ideal for sports fans who wish to follow a number of different competitions at the same time. To make advantage of this function, you need do nothing more complicated than pick the “watch in multiview” option when you are viewing a live game.

According to YouTube, the function is currently in the testing phase, which means that the number of screens that users may view will vary from two to four, and the split amount is picked at random. At this time, users will be able to watch anywhere from two to four videos simultaneously. In spite of this, the team working on YouTube TV has assured users that the function would continue to be accessible during the remainder of the March Madness tournament.

The timely arrival of this brand-new function should help to allay some of the worries of members who were dissatisfied with the recent price rise. Users will now get more bang for their buck with their subscriptions thanks to this new feature that allows them to view numerous streams at once.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the price rise could have dissuaded some customers from continuing their subscriptions, the inclusion of the multiview function has given YouTube TV an alternative that is more tempting to sports lovers. It’s possible that other streaming providers may introduce capabilities like this in response to YouTube TV’s decision to implement this function.