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777 in the spotlight – a complete review


Every day we trawl through the best and worst online casinos available on the world wide web. We’ve played with some amazing providers and toiled away with some truly terrible ones too. All in the pursuit of helping you make an informed decision by reviewing your options. Most recently we took a look at one of the most unique online operators on the market – 777 casino.

777 casino: what’s the story?

777 is a brand owned by 888 Holdings, one of the world’s leading online casino providers. 888 has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005 and are a trusted name in the gambling world.

888’s approach to customer care coupled with their industry leading games technology. Their latest online gambling offering, 777 casino, is tailored to retro enthusiasts who love the look and feel of historic Vegas casino culture.

777 markets itself as a retro style, glamour, surprise and excitement casino. The website has been designed to appeal to the old romantic views of gambling. 777’s website will appeal to you if you think of classic Las Vegas casinos when you hear the word ‘gambling’.

Look and feel

Glamour, class, retro… these are three words that’ll likely spring to mind when you visit the 777 casino homepage. This is a brand that champions the romantic view of gambling, which was part of a bygone era of Vegas of yesteryear.

The look and feel of this site just oozes vintage appeal. There’s a chequered flooring, the Wurtlizer soundtrack – every small detail on this impressive site has been carefully considered to create a decadent vibe.

Thankfully, the appeal of 777 casino doesn’t stop here, as its sheer range of games prove it has substance as well as style. So while the fashion choices of gamblers may have evolved since the 1950s Vegas heyday, the games are just as appealing as they’ve always been.

What type of games can I play with 777?

Currently there are over 280 different games you can play on 777 with the most popular type of game being slot games. These games account for most of what’s on offer at 777 casino, with a huge range of choice catering for all interests and tastes – from music to movies and more.

There are over 170 slot machine games available to play with 777 casino, with the remaining 100 or so being made up of more traditional casinos games. There are several poker games available but there are plenty of roulette and blackjack variants on offer for punters.

Each of these games has been designed with high-quality graphics, video and audio – making the games feel more true to life than you might perhaps think. We’d strongly recommend you check out the exciting range of 777 casino games as they’re among the best we’ve ever reviewed.

But that’s just for starters. By becoming a member of the 777 VIP Casino Club, you’ll be able to access amazing benefits and high roller rewards.

Live Casino

As mentioned earlier, 777 casino appeals to punters with a more nostalgic, traditional view of gambling. That doesn’t mean however that 777 are behind the times when it comes to technology.

The website offers some of the best technology currently available in the market. There are plenty of live casino games with dealers provided with top of the range live streaming technology. Live casino is the pinnacle of online casino technology. It links players to real-life dealers via a video stream, bringing a personal gambling experience to their own living room.

Live Casino is gambling at its most immersive, as it brings the human element of gambling to the fore in a way that was previously missing from online casinos. It also potentially gives you a gaming advantage in games such as roulette, as it allows you to see the real-time spin of the wheel, which you can read before placing a bet on a number and colour.

You even have the option of playing on your mobile device, effectively enabling you to get the ultimate casino experience wherever and wherever you’re playing.

Slick navigation and impressive technology

Of course, the technology extends to 777’s site structure and mobile app, which both ensure the brand is keeping with the times. Its site offers a friendly and innovative user experience, as it couldn’t be easier to find your favourite game by clicking the useful icons from the homepage.

Creating a 777 account is also very simple. All you need is a bank card and an email address, and away you go – you can access account statements, updates and passwords whenever you want and need to. You’ll also find there are free giveaways. Depositing and withdrawing funds is just as simple – just keep your 3-digit security code handy.

777 customer support

One of the most frustrating things about online casinos is just how difficult it can be to contact customer support when you need some help. You can be on hold with call centres for hours and hours before receiving terrible advice.

However, 777 excel in this area – as you’d expect as part of 888 Holdings. Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The best way we found to get help was by using the live chat option which is available on every different page on the website. There’s an email service as well if you need to send in a more in-depth enquiry and you should get a response within a few hours.

Sometimes online casinos can wow you with heir shiny websites and huge offerings of games. However most of these sites fall down in one key area – information. Many online providers seem to like making it difficult to find key information about the games on its site.

Again, 777 doesn’t disappoint, with a useful assortment of content – including guides to strategy and game rules.

777 Casino Verdict – 10/10

777 casino is a great online provider and one you should definitely check out. The games that are on the site are some of the best available online and the customer support and safety aspects of 777 make it a winner for us. With the range of games expected to be expanded soon, 777 could go on to become one of the best online casinos around.