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SnapTube – Downloading Online Videos on Android Has Never Been Easier


Everyone who has ever used SnapTube knows that this app is really useful and that it changes the way people keep themselves entertained during boring hours. However, today we are going to show everyone who didn’t get the chance to try out SnapTube what are the app’s top features and how simple it is to download online videos on Android powered smartphones. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Android App

The first thing that we want to go cover about SnapTube is that this is an Android exclusive app. However, this doesn’t mean that the app is available to download from the official Google Play Store and instead, SnapTube users will need to head over to the app’s official website and manually download it from there. The reason why SnapTube is not listed on the Google Play Store is that its ability to download online videos goes against Google’s terms of service (ToS).

Download Online Videos

Now, let’s go over the fun part of SnapTube. What makes SnapTube special is the fact that this app can download online videos from a multitude of websites. Therefore, people who enjoy watching online videos but don’t want to consume all their mobile data while doing it will be able to simply fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space with hundreds of videos that they like by downloading them while they are at home, connected to a safe and free Wi-Fi network.

Simple to Use

Another great thing about SnapTube is the fact that the app is simple to use. The developers who are in charge of SnapTube have equipped the app with a user friendly UI (user interface) that makes it possible for everyone to download any online video that they want.