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A VPN Service That Listens To Its Customers


Customers are what keeps a business going. It doesn’t matter how good a product is, or how good the team behind the product is, it’s customers that make a product or service a hit or a miss. It’s pretty hard for any business to survive and keep on growing if it doesn’t place special emphasis on what their customers or users want.

Customer Success is the Key to Innovation

Innovation is important for any business to survive and keep on growing in the market. And innovation only happens when businesses start listening to what their customers want and start acting up on them.

We’ve seen countless examples of businesses that have detracted on their customers’ wishes and have therefore tumbled horribly in their respective markets. Examples of such include Yahoo, Comet, and Apple, which saw its status as the most valuable company lost in the previous financial quarter.

A Company that Approached its Users

This brings us to a service that places a special emphasis on what its customers demand. It’s very uncommon for a brand to send out emails asking users to suggest improvements that they want in the product. PureVPN did just that at the end of 2017 when its CEO contacted each user individually and asked for his/her opinion on how the product should improve in the coming months and years.

The feedback received was immense and the team immediately started working on the recommendations posted by the customers. What started off as an unusual exercise led to large sparks of innovation by the VPN Company. At the end of 2018, PureVPN posted its achievements throughout the calendar year that you can check out here.

Achievements in 2018

The biggest achievement for the VPN brand was the immense increase in its server count. The VPN service had around 750 servers before 2018. This number grew at a tremendous rate, and the service now boasts over 2,000 servers in 140+ countries.

Another big achievement was the growth in the service’s reliability. Questions were posed before 2018 about the company’s privacy policy. The company worked to improve this department by posting a transparent privacy policy that perfectly explains how PureVPN looks after your private data.

To add more to the reliability of the service, PureVPN contacted auditory firms, including Bug Crowd, one of the most trusted crowdsourced Cybersecurity platform and asked them to audit the product and share their findings with them. These audits were a huge success, and PureVPN was able to locate and fix any bugs or leaks in their service.

The service worked to improve other departments as well. Most work was done in the streaming department, as users were given unfazed access to their favorite channels that includes Netflix US among others.

Work was done in the privacy and security department too, and important new features were added to the product. The product became one of the first GDPR compliant VPN services.

These improvements helped the company increase user satisfaction, a fact that was evident in the jump in user ratings. While the company made great leaps throughout 2018, it promises more of the same in the year 2019.