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Alienware Might Bring Back Its 18-Inch Gaming Laptop

Credit: Unsplash

Dell is well-known for being extremely involved in manufacturing laptops, and such gadgets dedicated to gaming are more and more demanded on the market. As a result, Alienware, meaning the computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, might bring back its 18-inch gaming laptop in the following months.

Let’s face it: gaming looks better on bigger displays. The bigger the screen of the laptop meant for gaming, the better. That’s perhaps why the revival of the 18-inch Alienware laptop is now taken into account, if the latest speculation is correct.

Alienware teases the comeback in a tweet

As spotted by TechSpot, Alienware has posted a tweet where it seems to tease the return of the 18-inch gaming laptop known as Alienware 18. While the displays of most laptops that currently exist on the market measure between 13 and 17 inches, a laptop measuring more than that can only be a welcoming addition.

We can expect Alienware 18 to come back with improved specs. But until we find out for sure if Alienware 18 is coming back, let’s watch the teaser video in question:

Surely the “coming soon” part at the end of the video can be interpreted in numerous ways. However, it seems reasonable to expect the ‘revival’ to take place in early 2023.

If we take a look at the specs of the original Alienware 18, we immediately realize that the laptop is indeed one gaming powerhouse. There are two graphics cards mounted on the laptop. There is the optional NVIDIA SLI enabled Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card equipped with 16GB of combined GDDR5 memory.

The two graphics cards consist of two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M with GDDR5 memory and 12 GB of VRAM (2 x 6 GB). The laptop is also equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 8.1 installed by default (at least Windows 10 is recommended), and both HDD and SSD drives available.

Alienware m17 – not good enough?

While waiting for the refreshed version of the Alienware 18, we might still be satisfied in 2022 with what its predecessor Alienware m17 has to offer. The manufacturer claims that the product can provide “max performance graphics,” so who are we to contradict them?

Alienware m17 is equipped with a 4K display option that can run rich colors as well as “deep blacks.”

Alienware m17 also stands out due to its new vapor chamber cooling technology. This allows the laptop to evaporate heat in order to cool its components, such as the CPU and GPU. There are also 25% more fan blades there, which isn’t too surprising, however.

We also have to mention that Alienware m17 is capable of a maximum of 12-phase graphics voltage regulation.

The huge power offered by Alienware’s m17 laptop can also be explained by the implementation of the 10th-generation Intel Core processors. These components are also accompanied by the Dynamic CPU Overcloickiung of the company.

The keyboard is also an interesting element, as it offers per-key AlienFX lighting with 1.7mm travel. In other words, you’ll get to play your favorite games on Alienware m17 while you also save electricity, as there’s no need to keep the lights on. The keyboard will easily illuminate enough so you can see all the keys.

It wouldn’t be the first time when Alienware improves its laptops if the company will indeed bring a new version of its 18-inch laptop. During CES 2022, Alienware presented a renewed version of the m17 R5 laptop by adding AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors and new graphics cards from NVIDIA.

It’s pretty difficult to say for sure if Alienware m17 is better than the old Alienware 18 or vice versa. What’s certain is that Alienware sure has some interesting plans for the future and that we need to take the company as seriously as possible due to its prestige.