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Android 10 is Rolling Out to Pixel Smartphones – Check Out The Top Features


One of the best things about buying a Pixel smartphone is the fact that you will always be the first one in line to access all of Google’s latest software updates. With that said, no one should be surprised to find out that Pixel owners are now receiving the much-anticipated Android 10. This is the latest operating system update from Google and it comes with lots of improvements and new features that are going to take the Android user experience to the next level.

We know that not all Android fans are using one of Google’s Pixel smartphones and this is why for today we have decided to compile a list with the best features that Android 10 has to offer so that everyone can know what’s coming their way. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Top Android 10 Features

  • Wi-Fi and QR Codes

Isn’t it annoying to share your Wi-Fi password with your friends? This can be quite annoying when the Wi-Fi password is something randomly generate such as “1@#sasdW24”. Fortunately, this is not going to be a problem for Android fans for too much longer. The reason why we are saying that is because one of the most useful features that Android 10 introduces is the ability to simply let your friends scan a QR code with their smartphone’s camera in order to join a Wi-Fi network.

This feature can be accessed by heading over to the Wi-Fi settings panel, select your home network and then by tapping on the “Share” button that has a small QR code above it.

  • Location Control

One of the most important privacy setting that Android users should always be aware of what apps they allow to access is the location control. Google’s developers are aware of that and this is why in Android 10 they have decided to introduce more control on how apps can use location information.

Right now, Android fans can give certain apps access to their location at specific times, or not at all. However, Android 10 is making it possible for users to let apps access their location only when the app is being actively used. Now, this is a welcomed change that is going to improve user security on Android.

  • Live Caption

Live Caption is a new feature developed by Google in order to make Android-powered smartphones more accessible. As its name implies, the new feature will live-caption any video that is being played, even though a data connection is not available.

The only thing that Android fans need to do in order to activate the new feature is to play a video, press a volume button and then pick the option to “live caption” which will appear in the bottom of the display. Android fans can then move around the caption by simply dragging it around the screen.

  • Privacy Settings

We previously mentioned that Google is giving Android fans more options when it comes to location control. Well, this is not the only change that Google is making in terms of user privacy settings. Android 10 is now equipped with a dedicated Privacy section that is located in the settings app. When the Privacy section is opened, it will display multiple permissions that app s can request such as calendar, location, contacts, microphone and camera for example.

This is a nice change to the Android operating system, especially since Android fans currently don’t have too many options when it comes to seeing what apps have access to specific types of data on their smartphones.