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Android 10 Update Scheme for Samsung Smartphone Got Leaked!


Even though the internet is buzzing with news of Apple’s much-anticipated iOS 13 rolling out later today, we shouldn’t forget that Samsung is also planning to release a major update for its smartphones. The update that we are talking about is none other than Google’s Android 10 which is going to introduce a plethora of features that have been specially designed to enhance the overall Android user experience and the performances of the smartphones that are running on this new operating system.

Samsung doesn’t usually like to when it’s important updates are scheduled to roll but luckily for us, the full update scheme for Android has just been leaked and it reveals all the Samsung smartphones which are eligible to download it.

Therefore, you can check out the list below and see if your Samsung-made smartphone is eligible to receive the new update as soon as the South Korean based tech giant decides to roll it out, which is usually about four to six months after Google does it.

Android 10 Update Scheme

Here are all the Samsung smartphones which are scheduled to receive Android 10:

Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S10, S10+;
  • Galaxy S9, S9+;
  • Galaxy S10e;

Galaxy Note series

  • Galaxy Note 10, 10+;
  • Galaxy Note 9;

Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M40;
  • Galaxy M30, M30s;
  • Galaxy M20;
  • Galaxy M10;

Galaxy J Series

  • Galaxy J8;
  • Galaxy J6, 6+;
  • Galaxy J4, 4+;
  • Galaxy J7 Duo;
  • Galaxy J7, 75, 73

Galaxy A Series

  • Galaxy A90;
  • Galaxy A80;
  • Galaxy A70;
  • Galaxy A60;
  • Galaxy A50, A50s;
  • Galaxy A40;
  • Galaxy A30, A30s;
  • Galaxy A20, A20s;
  • Galaxy A10, A10s, A10e
  • Galaxy A9 Pro;
  • Galaxy A9;
  • Galaxy A7;
  • Galaxy A6, 6+;
  • Galaxy A8, A9 Star;
  • Galaxy A8, A9 Star Lite

Galaxy Tab Series

  • Galaxy Tab S5e;
  • Galaxy Tab S4;
  • Galaxy Tab SA