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Android Q is Changing the Pixel “Pill” Navigation Gestures


Android Q is the upcoming operating system from Google and it is going to bring lots of improvements to the already smooth user experience of Android powered smartphones. A new report from Google shows us that the Android parent is making some major changes to the way Pixel smartphone users can run through their smartphone’s UI (user interface).

Changing the Pixel “Pill”

Google’s latest update for the beta version of Android Q confirms that the Android parent wants to make it easier for Pixel fans to use their smartphones and to start getting rid of the back button. Android Q is going to introduce additional gestures to the Pixel “pill” which can be found on the bottom screen of all Pixel smartphones that Google has ever launched.

The Pixel pill lets users navigate through their smartphones, but now, Google is looking to take the navigation options of the pill to the next level. With that said, here are the new gestures for the Pixel pill that Google is experimenting right now:

  • Tap Once: Home;
  • Slide to left: Back;
  • Slide to right: Open most recent app;
  • Slide to right and hold: Scroll through recent apps;
  • Slide up: Open recent apps overview (horizontally);
  • Slide up and hold: Open App drawer;
  • Back Button: N/A.

Android Q Developer Preview

The only way for Pixel smartphone users to access these new navigation gestures is to download the latest version of Android Q developer preview. However, the new navigation gestures are not going to be available right from the start since they are still experimental. This means that there is a chance that Google might not even include them in the final version of Android Q.

Final Words…

The new navigation gestures that Google wants to introduce to Pixel smartphones are great. Let’s hope that the Android parent decides to keep them and maybe even make the Pixel pill available as a launcher to all Android powered smartphones.